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Breast Augmentation

As one of the most popular cosmetic procedures performed in the United States, breast augmentation surgery has ascended to the level of an art. Since the procedure was first performed in 1962, a variety of approaches and techniques have been developed. Today, women in search of fuller breasts, more symmetrical figures, and a way to enhance their body's contour, have a number of considerations to keep in mind during the research process.

With the recent approval of silicone gel implants by the Food and Drug Association in the U.S., women now have a larger selection of choices to make when considering breast augmentation surgery. The safety of silicone breast implants has been tested more thoroughly than any other surgical implanted device in history. Dr. Gottlieb can help you make an educated decision on what type of implant will work for you.

For most women, the incision placement tends to be the area of least sophistication. We can now introduce implants through four different types of incisions:

  • Inframammary: (Incision under the breast )
  • Periareolar: (Incision around the areola)
  • Transaxillary: (Incision in the arm pit)
  • Transumbilical: (Incision through the navel or TUBA)

In general the incision placement is based on the patient's individual preference. However, Dr. Gottlieb is always willing to help each patient evaluate their individual goals and help you determine the incision that would work best for you. Through any of these incisions, the procedure itself and the outcome (of fuller breasts) are the same. However there are pros and cons to each incision site.

Dr. Gottlieb perform about two thirds of his incisions inframammary. An approximately 1.5 inch incision is made in the fold of the breast and is concealed when the patient stands upright.

An incision around the areola tends to heal very nicely and becomes barely visible with time. However, not everyone is a candidate for this incision.

In regards to transaxillary incision placement, although there is no incision on the breast, it does leave small but visible scars which can be seen when you raise your arms.

Because it involves the smallest incision that is virtually concealed (within the navel), the transumbilical incision is the fastest growing in popularity. For a number of reasons, Dr. Gottlieb prefers to place the implants subglandular (in front of the muscle) when using the transumbilical incision. The only disadvantage is that not every patient is a candidate for subglandular placement and therefore not a candidate for the 'TUBA' incision.

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... Plastic Surgery Seattle your source for information on the services of Seattle cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Jourdan Gottlieb ...

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