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Breast Revision Correction

Breast augmentation can undergo a series of changes in the patient over time. Some women may experience thinning of the breast tissue, displacement of the implant, capsular contraction, and implant rupture.

These conditions may pose some issues where a woman may need to undergo secondary breast revision surgery. Some of the common circumstances include:

Capsular Contracture

Approximately 15% of all women who undergo breast augmentation may suffer from capsular contracture at one time or another. The exact cause for capsular contrature is not known, however, there is strong evidence to indicate that it's a result of the bodies attempt to protect itself from infection.


Displacement of the breast implant could occur as a result of improper surgical positioning of the original breast implant.


Breast implant rupture and deflation can occur as a result of the following reasons, in all cases, breast implant rupture/deflation will require breast revision surgery.

Breast Implant Age — The longevity of breast implants are typically rated at no more than 10 years. They may simply wear out and deflate.
Breast Implant Trauma — Excessive squeezing and hard impacts can also contribute to breast implant rupture.
Breast Implant Wear and Tear — Many times sutures are placed in contact with the breast implant causing the implant to prematurely wear out.
Over-filling or Under-filling Breast Implant Capacity — Not proper filling an implant to the manufacturers recommended capacity can also lead to premature breast implant failure.

Breast implant deflation of newer breast implants is uncommon, though in many cases the breast manufacture may warranty their breast implants for a number of years. Be sure to check with your plastic surgeon if your implants are covered by a breast implant warranty.

Bottoming out

Bottoming out is a condition where the inframammary fold begins to separate from the chest cavity and the implant begins to move down past the natural boundaries of the breast. Attempts, by the surgeon, to move or modify the inframammary fold should be discussed prior to surgery.


In some women, over time, very large breast implants may cause a condition called ptosis. The cause of ptosis is usually caused by skin laxity and the affects of gravity on the breasts. Correcting ptosis usually requires breast revision surgery combined with a mastopexy/lift.

Change of appearance

Over time a woman may just want to change the appearance of her breasts. Some women choose to want to be larger than they are now or in some cases they want a breast reduction in size.

All these conditions typically require breast revision correction surgery. Breast revision usually requires removing the failed breast implant and or augmentation and replacing it with a new breast implant. In most cases the surgeon may remove and replace both implants.

Sometimes a woman may decide to remove the implant altogether in which during the revision surgery a breast lift may be performed. Other options include having a breast lift (Mastopexy) in combination with a breast augmentation. This would be to correct sagging breast or ptosis from when the breast first underwent breast augmentation.

What is to be expected during breast revision surgery?

A general and local anesthesia is usually administered. Usually the incision is made at the original incision point.

How long is the recovery from breast revision surgery?

Breast revision surgery usually is not as traumatic to the woman's body as the initial breast augmentation surgery was. Therefore, pain and discomfort is considerably less. The patient can usually expect to be back to work and or their normal activities within a week. Complete recover usually takes about three to four weeks.

Both breast manufactures, Mentor and Allergan, each have limited lifetime warranties on their breast implants and may cover portions of the revision surgery costs if either of the breast implant fail. However, expect to still pay a portion of the revision surgery costs out of pocket.

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... Plastic Surgery Seattle your source for information on the services of Seattle cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Jourdan Gottlieb ...

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